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The Leader of Heat-Tech 

For Automotive

Suntech is proud be a trusted partner for all your automotive heating needs.

Our OEM Customers

An Experienced



Suntech has over 25 years of experience 

as a global supplier of heating solutions.

Our innovative foil heaters can be   customized to meet customer needs for

heating solutions in several areas:

medical, life sciences, automotive,

and enterprise.


Quality You can Trust

We provide the highest quality products in

a timely manner. Our focus is on achieving

100% customer satisfaction.

News & Events


Carbon nano tech heater offers superior radiant heat performance

07 Jun, 2023

Suntech offers a radiant heating solution that is highly suitable when there is a need for rapid temperature rise and high-temperature heating. 

Battery Heater.jpg

Automotive Battery heating solution.

15 Jan, 2023

With our own technologies, SUNTECH has been developing and supplying heater for Battery application of EV and FEEV and now start another battery heaters for heavy vehicles and special drones.


Development of new electrode material

for high temperature heater

28 August, 2019

Thin metal film applied to hot heater often require high resistance unlike conventional solutions. Suntech has succeeded in implementing metal thin film into the heater that can be designed for high temperature heaters.

At Suntech we believe in exceeding customer expectations

by offering innovative solutions for all their heating needs.

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