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We offer a wide selection of heating products to meet your needs.

ADAS Heater

Products We Offer

With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Suntech is a leading global supplier of a wide range of heating products serving customers in several industries. We produce all sorts of heaters and Film-type sensors (SBR). All types of heaters are available, such as camera heater, lidar heater, radar heater, automotive PTC heater, and battery heater.

To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we continue to grow and expand our product offerings through a strong commitment to R&D and innovation. Suntech has already supplied side Rear – View mirror heaters to the world with excellent technology, and aims to develop and supply camera Lens heaters, lidar heaters, ADAS Heater and radar heaters, Interior heater, Household heating.

Our experienced team can help you choose the ideal heating solutions and sensor products. We can develop and customize solutions according to your specifications in our world-class labs and manufacturing facilities. We serve several industries including automotive, medical, life sciences, commercial and home comfort.


Lidar & Radar Heater for ADAS

Suntech is providing various types of heating solution including PTC technology for sensors like Radars and Lidars. These sensors are most important and key parts for ADAS as they are detecting all the objects during the autonomous driving system so they are must be free of ice and waters drops.

Suntech is able to suggest the most ultimate heating solutions and technology in order to minimize the loss of radar or wavelength based on our 25 years’ experience. Now we are working with most reputable OEM or 1st Tiers for development and improvements.

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