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We combine substrate with a very thin sheet of metal to provide a heating solution to our customers.

Suntech is the world's best technology to design electrode materials and Substrate sheet that are suitable for customers

PTC Heaters

Reliable Technology

To maximize customer satisfaction, Suntech is investing heavily in technology development.
Our bold investments have resulted in product line diversification.
Today, Suntech is a global company that can manufacture heaters using a variety of metal materials.
Since foundation, Suntech has not stopped trying to develop more diverse new products using our main technology, automotive PTC Heater, CW heater, Micro Heater, Film Type Technology. 
With Suntech’s reliable technology, we are developing and supplying camera heater, lidar heater, radar heater and battery heater for the future automotive market.

Super PTC Heaters

Automatic temperature control and excellent product durability.

PTC curve is a unique characteristic of heater with carbon paste,

and it means that the resistance will rise if the temperature is

overheated, allowing to control the temperature on its own.

Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistance Graph


Suntech’s heater uses PTC Characteristic-resistance increases as the temperature increases. Thus, when connected to electricity the eater ad can control and maintain temperature itself without any other system along with condition.

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