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newsEN_07 Jun, 2023

07 Jun, 2023

Carbon nano tech heater offers superior radiant heat performance.

Suntech offers a radiant heating solution that is highly suitable when there is a need for rapid temperature rise and high-temperature heating. It can be adapted for various applications, including automotive cabin heaters, ADAS cameras, battery management systems, and any other applications that require fast and high heat.

Our carbon nano tech heating technology could be the most suitable and desirable solution for cabin heating and for FCEV/EV automotive systems due to its ability to reach the desired temperature much faster with significantly lower power consumption compared to other technologies.

newsEN_15 May, 2023
Battery Heater.jpg

15 Jan, 2023

Automotive Battery heating solution.

With our own technologies, SUNTECH has been developing and supplying heater for Battery application of EV and FEEV and now start another battery heaters for heavy vehicles and special drones.



28 August, 2019


Thin metal film applied to hot heater often requires high resistance unlike conventional solutions. Therefore, deciding which metal film to use to form a pattern is a very important factor. For heaters

that need rapid heat, Suntech has successfully developed a method to form a new electrode by attaching thin metal film. Suntech has been continuously trying to attach various types of metals to the film.

We have succeeded in attaching most of the metals to the film, enabling the production of numerous products that meet the needs of our customers. Based on the success of this electrode formation,

we strive to provide various types of quality products that our customers have been waiting for.

We use characteristics of the heater in various fields such as camera heater, radar heater ,lidar heater, automatic PTC heater and battery heater to apply it to necessary areas.

newsEN_28 August, 2019
newsEN_15 May, 2019

15 May, 2019

Released May 2019, the Audi E-Tron is a fully electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV which is the world’s first mirrorless car. With side mirrors replaced by Samsung’s OLED, Audi E-Tron has cameras mounted to secure visibility. Suntech is proud to announce that this innovative car features Suntech’s special camera heaters, which are used for these cameras to provide clear vision even in harsh weather conditions. This essential element ensures that drivers, passengers and pedestrians are safe during any type of weather conditions. Equipped with Suntech’s advanced heating technology, the Audi E-Torn hit the road with positive reviews. 


In spite of occasional measures to deal with external influences, camera heaters have become a must in case water droplets form on the camera's small lens or it becomes damp.
In addition, the lidar heater market is expanding as the development of self-driving technology takes precedence in the future automotive industry. Suntech is developing a heater that is indispensable for making cars such as camera heaters, radar heaters, lidar heaters, and battery heaters of cars.


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