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We combine substrate with a very thin sheet of metal to provide a heating solution to our customers.

Suntech is the world's best technology to design electrode materials and Substrate sheet that are suitable for customers

Reliable Technology

To maximize customer satisfaction, Suntech is investing heavily in technology development.
Our bold investments have resulted in product line diversification.
Today, Suntech is a global company that can manufacture heaters using a variety of metal materials.
Since foundation, Suntech has not stopped trying to develop more diverse new products using our main technology, automotive PTC Heater, CW heater, Micro Heater, Film Type Technology. 
With Suntech’s reliable technology, we are developing and supplying camera heater, lidar heater, radar heater and battery heater for the future automotive market.

Transparent Film Heater

Transparent Film Heater

Transparent film heater is one of the innovated Heating solution which is utilized by Suntech’s own thin film coating technology.

By coating transparent conductive material on the various of film, , we can have desirable heating. This could be a new leading technology, which is applicable in core components(ADAS System, Lidar, Radar, Camera Module, etc.) in EV and Autonomous Driving Vehicles.

Our transparent film heater has nearly 90% of high rate of transmission and also can be adjsted with requested wavelength from customer. Moreover, this technology is enough flexible to be attached on curved area..


Sensing and ensuring the sight of automobile are important factors in the age of EV and Autonomous Driving Vehicles. We are confident that our transparent film heater can play an important role in order to ensure the clear sight at all time against ice, frost, water and fog.

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